5/9/16 a pilots future

Imagine you go into this room. There is a bed in the middle of the room, sitting high with thick mattresses. The kind you fall into and embrace your peaceful reward with grace and the right amount ingenuity. As you look around the room you see a shadow dancing on the wall, the figurine twirling and circling and giggling with pure delight. A mist fills amongst the walls and across the ceiling. You get goose bumps and you catch your breath as the cold chill crawls up your back. The light goes out, its pitch dark. You can hear scratches cutting through the hardware floor, getting closer and closer to you.

Imagine me walking into this room. I make the room dim from beautifully arranged lights that I wrap around the bottom of the baseboards. It fills the room with just enough light to see a perfect expression. I walk over to the corner and light the fire, take all the blankets off the bed and lay them in front of the roar of the fireplace. The heat, smell, quietness it’s so blissful and familiar. You take your side and I will take mine, and we will cherish this moment of peace and silence. While we allow our minds to wonder and play around we relax to a stillness, and the corners of our mouths curve into smiles.

We can make the most of our dreams even when driven with fear always around us. Telling us we are going to fail. Telling us there are too many obstacles. Telling us we aren’t educated enough, afraid there is someone who is better than us. Getting passed over more than a few times for promotions. Not getting the job you wanted. The real answer to life is turning those obstacles into opportunities. Just like how I took a nightmare of a room, and made it a room we could be comfortable in.

I don’t have all the answers, but I do know this… There’s no better time to get started on those obstacles than there is right now. Take your current situation and pick out the top 3 most thankful things. Then take the top worse 3 things, and match is with one of your first 3 things. Figure out how 1 can help the other. Start there. See where you end up.


Til next time!

Tasha Geller Hollingshead