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Billie Jean

I am a 35 year old hard of hearing woman. I have grown up Deaf most of my life. I had a very difficult time understanding people when they would talk. Body language however, I very much learned at a young age. I had to work my whole life with different teachers that were devoted to helping me learn speech. They could never teach me to talk lower, that was the one thing I could not get perfect. I can wear hearing aids now, after too many surgeries to count were unsuccessful. I love life and I love hearing things. I like watching people and I just love being around people. I am a woman that has been struggling to find myself for years now. My story will dictate what I am going through and will be told in stories. Theres a lot to know about me, seeing as I am bi-polar. Plus I have been a writer all my life. It was my only outlet. I was often told to sit down and be quiet. Time to put it to use, and share my life, and my emotions with you all.