About Me

I am a 38 year old lady, who likes watching people and writing about them. I do admit I have been struggling to find myself for years now and discover my inner self or self identified identity. My stories here will dictate what I am going through and will be told in short stories or blogs. Maybe here and there, you’ll get a flame throwing rant. Some are real, some are fiction. There’s a lot to know about me I suppose, or so I’m told. I have been a writer all of my life. It was my only outlet in life, the one place I could escape to. I was often told to sit down and be quiet. Time to put it to use, share my life, and my emotions with you all. I am talking since 8 years old, I started writing, so there are so many years of stuff that will be put on here. Please forgive some of my grammacial errors throughout these writings. I’ve always been told to slow down. Yet, my stubborn self says no and I don’t have the patience to sit down and reread my stuff correcting every little mistake for the sake of your OCD or that pedestal seeking wanting to be English professor who’s writings are always perfect. Some stories are sad, some are happy, but they are exactly what I feel and how I see those around me. I am ready to be a full time writer, one day I hope my dreams will become a reality. Until then…Understand that some of my writings are very deep and are known to be so emotionally raw that they can sometimes rub a nerve the wrong way. I cater to a broader audience though with a desire and need for these kinds of emotional highs. I live in the good ole state of Oklahoma currently and I’m still trying to find my mark in this ever changing society we all call “life”.

You can always reach out to me via email if you have questions or comments. Replies however are running behind, delayed you could say, at the present moment. Don’t let that discourage you as they are always welcome and encouraged.

You can call me Billie or Tasha or BJ. I’m known to go by other names, so just pick one and go with it. Enjoy the site.

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